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Day 1
Evening arrival to Baku at the Heydar Aliyev Airport; transfer to our deluxe hotel. Your hotel has every major convenience you expect in a luxury hotel: great comfortable rooms with the views to beautiful historic part of the city, spa and fitness centre, satellite TV, high-speed internet access, direct-dial telephone service. The rest of the evening is yours – please relax or explore the surroundings. Light dinner will help you to make you first night in Baku wonderful. Don’t forget, you’ll be staying in the beautiful historic center of Baku.
Day 2

*Impressa Club Exclusive

During your stay in Azerbaijan you’ll discover this special and history rich area as well as be introduced to its beauty,
nature and culture.

The Sunday’s morning you will start with an introduction to Azerbaijan and the city of Baku, enjoying the excursion to the Old City – "Icheri Sheher"- the most visited and fabulous place of the Azeri capital with its colorful and rich multi-faceted centuries-old history:

  • Icheri Sheher including the Palace of the Shirvans - the most striking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of the 15th century
  • The Maiden's Tower - the ancient, eight-storey fortress originally built as a fire beacon
  • Dzhuma Mosque
  • Top antiques and carpets shops, gift stores, souvenir places.

You will visit the world famous Carpet Museum - the most impressive building located on the seafront. Its collection includes special carpets brought from the old Shusha Carpet Museum. It is a brilliant display of woven and knotted Azerbaijan carpets, as well as jewelers, embroidery, metalwork and carved wood.
This afternoon a Special Lunch will be arranged for you in the traditional restaurant where you will be able to try different delicacies of the local Azeri cuisine.

After a real tasted coffee with a dessert at the restaurant, you will continue with a sightseeing tour of Baku by visiting its Oil Rigs. You will have an opportunity to observe a panoramic view of Baku Bay and nearby city areas. You will learn interesting facts and legends of the special lake, better known in the world as the Caspian Sea.

*A special and luxurious evening in Baku: Caviar and Champagne Gala Banquet.

This amazing evening party will take place at the best Baku restaurant. You’ll be enjoying a short entertainment program – “Oriental Dances” that will surprise you with its eastern gracefulness and finesse. Great and welcoming atmosphere, first-rate music, tasting of different types of black caviar, plus a sturgeon cooked in a local Azeri manner that will make your gourmet dreams come true.

Day 3

*Impressa Club Exclusive

*Impressa Club Option

This morning our caviar expert will take you on a unique excursion to the Caspian Fish Factory – best known for its top caviar production. Interesting facts: its main consumers in Russia was Czar’s Family. Czar Nicholay II received 11 tones of the best quality roes as an annual “caviar” tax from sturgeon fishermen of the Azerbaijan.
You will have a unique opportunity to personally watch from beginning to the end the whole process of traditional caviar making. Also you will have an opportunity to try different kinds of caviar straight from the factory.

*Our special gift for you – one can of the best black sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea.

Your special dinner today will be at the best seafood restaurant with special dishes to try – caviar, sturgeon as well as other fish dishes cooked according to specific ways of the delicious Azeri cuisine.

Afterwards, you’ll be invited you to enjoy the nightlife of the city –its best nightclubs.

Day 4

*Impressa Club
Exclusive Option

*Impressa Club Exclusive

Today you’ll visit a famous Fish Market and interested shoppers among you will have a boundless opportunities to purchase different types of caviar:

  • Beluga or caviar from the white sturgeon
  • Sturgeon caviar (osetra)
  • Stellate Sturgeon caviar (sevruga)
  • Sterlet caviar (sterliad)

You can buy cans of black caviar at the wholesale prices, comparing to the black caviar prices worldwide.

You will visit the top fish manufactures Salyan and Neftchala where you can taste black caviar & will be able to compare the unlimited quantities of different types of Caspian black caviar.
Later you will have dinner at the local gourmet Caviar Restaurant and enjoy watching a unique dancing program.
Also, tonight you’ll enjoy a special entertainment event – life jazz from a heart of “Jazz City” in Baku.

Day 5

*Impressa Club Exclusive

Trip to Guba (183km from Baku) is traveling back in time to the era of 18-century Azerbaijan and the art of carpet’s weaving. While traveling along the picturesque mountains, you’ll admire the wonderful nature and the historic relics. You can even stop at the hidden ancient mountain settlements that are scattered throughout the valley.

A little bit of history: The carpets of Guba are world famous. It is one of top Azeri centres of carpet making and is believed to be one of the best in the world. One such carpet, which dates back to 1712, is on the prominent display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Carpets from Guba are distinctive in their workmanship and design and are sold all over the world. Guba has an array of historic buildings, some dating back to the 9th and the 16th century - such as the two egg-shaped domes. Among other things, you will visit the oriental baths (hammams), Islamic monuments - Djuma Mosque (XIX c.), octagonal mausoleum (XVI c.), Tengialty Castle, Sakina-Khanum Mosque (XIX c.).

Our expert on handmade rugs will take you to the world-famous carpet-weaving factory with an opportunity to buy famous Guba’s carpets directly at the source and at special prices.
You can purchase rugs and related handmade items made from a sketch drawing ( including your own). It can be executed in any style: modern, ancient or of any other weaving school. Certificates will be immediately issued and given to you; the items will be sent to your address anywhere in the world; the payment is done after carpets delivery; two-years warranty; return or exchange allowed.
Tonight’s accommodation will be at the best resort center in Guba.
Tonight’s Dinner specialty - fish barbeque in the pomegranate sauce.

Day 6

*Impressa Club Exclusive

Are you ready for fishing? Friday early morning is
dedicated to fishing!

Khachmaz & Siyazan are waiting for you! The journey to this region will let you enjoy the picturesque places and will make you forget about the workday routine. You will see a real fishing process and will experience fishing on your own. This trip definitely will fill you with many unforgettable memories.

Your lunch in Guba – a great opportunity to enjoy the fish you caught by yourself and prepared to your specifications.
After lunch you’ll visit 19-century architectural landmarks, cascades of waterfalls & crystal streams falling from as high as 80 feet.

After such an active day what may be more comfortable than the modern cozy bus bringing you back to Baku in the late evening, passing through amazing mountain massifs and scenic nature?

Day 7

Ancient massive forests, snow-covered peaks, lakes and mountains, rumbling waterfalls, curative mineral spas, crystal clear water and alpine meadows of Azerbaijan thank you for you visit and are always ready to extend you their hospitality and kindness from their sincere Azeri hearts. We invite you visit
Azerbaijan again!

Early morning transfer from hotel to the airport; flight onward to New York. Optional tour extensions to Paris, Istanbul or Milan;
Contact Impressa Club LTD for details.

Impressa Club AZAL invites you to Azerbaijan!



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