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Welcome to our world of private luxury travel...

Azerbaijan –a country about to be “discovered” - rich in history and
full of charming contrasts…

“Deluxe Caviar and Champagne Tour”- CAVIAR ALL YOU CAN EAT!

Consider this invitation to try an entirely different way of traveling… Think of our deluxe tour to Azerbaijan as a unique experience rather than a regular tour or a vacation. We’ll provide you with rare opportunities to feel the real pulse of this special country and will immerse you in its culture and experiences. You will come away inspired by what you have seen and satisfied that everything was exactly as you wanted it.
Our special journey to Azerbaijan is designed for discerning travelers who wish to experience ancient history, culture and lifestyle of Azerbaijan and to come back filled with unique memories that
will last a lifetime. Azerbaijan is known for its natural beauty and modern cities, its centuries-old history and ancient traditions dated back to the Old East, places of antiquity and architectural monuments, internationally famous carpets, rich and delicate Azerbaijan cuisine and the best caviar.
Azerbaijan is also known as a major oil producer that is experiencing a major economic boom due to
this fact.

The best caviar in the world comes from the Caspian Sea. About 80-90% of the total world sturgeon population lives there and gives the “ greatest symbol of luxury” to the product called “caviar”. In the past the main consumers of caviar in Russia was the Czar’s Family. Czar Nicholay II received 11 tons of the best quality roes as an annual “ caviar” tax from sturgeon fishermen of Azerbaijan. Today Azerbaijan is one of the main exporters of black caviar to the world market.

During our tour in Baku you will have a unique opportunity to taste different types of this extremely healthy and expensive product. You will be introduced to the best caviar in the world- the Caspian black caviar.

You will personally watch the process of caviar making: from the extraction of caviar from the sturgeon fish to the caviar processing and packing. You will be given an opportunity to taste caviar, buy cans of black caviar directly at the source at wholesale prices. Also, during this trip you will have every day a special gourmet caviar meal.

In Azerbaijan you will have an opportunity to visit the most interesting places of the Azeri capital Baku and will be introduced to its history and current life. You will notice the mix of ancient architecture and traditions with the modern
buildings and lifestyle. You will visit ancient old cities, highly picturesque core of Baku, Maiden Tower, which according to the latest researches is the largest Zoroastrian temple in the world, the Zoroastrian temple "Ateshgah" and medieval castles of Apsheron. Also, the most modern parts will also be a part of our program.
We will introduce you to an ancient Azeri art of handmade carpets. You will visit centuries old workshops where you can personally watch the transformation of different colors threads into the beautiful work of art. You’ll also see the carpet saloons located in the picturesque “Icheri Sheher”(Old Town). In the saloons the best modern Azeri carpets will be presented to you and you will have an opportunity to buy carpets (accompanying with their certificates) at the very competitive prices. We will also assist you to ship your selected carpets from Baku to any place in the United States. And certainly you'll visit The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum of Carpets & Applied Art which hosts one of the best collections of local and Azerbaijani carpets.

We’ll be presenting you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a very special jazz event in Baku. Jazz is well loved and respected in Azerbaijan and has a very illustrious history.

When the “King of Jazz” Louis Armstrong was asked:” What is jazz?” he answered:” If you have to ask, you never understand.” We are going to simply show you the development of jazz in Azerbaijan, and introduce you to those who gave impetus to its origins and those who made their contribution to its development. You will enjoy a jazz performance by top talented musicians, each with his own individuality and his own
style of playing.

To assist and accompany you on your trip, Impressa Club uses local guides that are familiar with each destination as only residents can. Our guides are smart, dynamic, and personable, and they appreciate the genuine curiosity and keen intelligence of Impressa Club visitors.
Our tour groups are always exclusive and small (average 5-15 travelers); and the suggested itinerary can always accommodate additional wishes and desires of our clients. We have associate offices in Azerbaijan to ensure a seamless travel experience for you.
Because we understand that comfort is the key, we include deluxe accommodation in all our itineraries. We have a recommendation for any type of luxury accommodation option to suit any of your needs. As an Impressa Club client, you are also entitled to exclusive upgrades and amenities at many of the properties we use.

We welcome an opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and passion for travel with you. We have a sterling reputation in the travel industry that has been earned through years of hard work and undivided focus on satisfying our traveling clients. Most important, we have a passion for travel that is evident from the trips we create.
I invite you to discover a unique culture, delicious food and Azerbaijan hospitality and to explore the endless possibilities of an Impressa Club journey.

Impressa Club AZAL invites you to Azerbaijan!




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