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All United States and Canadian citizens must obtain visas to Azerbaijan.

Visa type and validity (consulate fee)

Only consulate fee will apply no service fee.

Processing time
service fee
3 Days
Tourist Single Entry 3 months
Tourist Double Entry 3 months
Multiple Entry 1 year

Form of payment:

Money Orders or certified checks;

Make check payable to:

Impressa Club, Ltd ;

Send documents:

Impressa Club AZAL
Visa Department
2307 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11223


* Overnight deliveries by FedEx in additional;

* Add $35.00 for Saturday delivery;

Processing time:

from 7 to 10 days;

The day of submission/delivery of documents by mail is not included in processing time;

Submit the following documents :

  • Completed standard visa application, signed by the applicant. All blank spaces in the form (you can download it here) must be typed or printed in English or Azerbaijani language. Please print out the application form and fill in the blanks. Incomplete visa application forms will be returned without processing;

  • Valid passport or other travel document (original ones) which should have at least one clear page for the visa. A passport must be valid for no less than one month after the date of your planned departure from Azerbaijan. Holders of travel documents must submit valid permanent resident card;

  • Two passport size photos of the applicant. Photos must be in color, full face, stapled to the marked corner of the application;

Notes: Foreigners traveling to the Republic of Azerbaijan for a period exceeding 30 days must be registered with passport-registration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Non-US citizens, prior to submitting the documents to the Consulate General, must inquire whether they are eligible for a visa.

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